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Tudor Acid Instore - Hidden Notes Festival 24th September 2023

Intimate live music sessions amidst a plethora of records, neon signs, music books and magazines at Sound Records as part of this year’s Hidden Notes Festival. Tudor Acid's music takes in acid house, ambient techno music, nature soundtracks and more recently drill as its influences. He has been featured twice on bandcamp best electronic and did a live set on worldwide FM for Joe Muggs, Tudor Acid ended 2022 and started 2023 with live sets for voices radio, rinse fm and EPM music. In 2022 he was featured as a spotlight artist by Tom Ravenscroft on 6 music for his 2022 album "Empathy for Cyborgs". 2023 saw the debut of a live show featuring a wind synthesiser and in this set he will be using the wind synthesiser to trigger crunch loops as well as playing Tudor analog melodies.1pm Free

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