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Phonsonic Instore - Hidden Notes Festival 24th September 2023

The start of a new series at Hidden Notes Festival! Breakfast Club. Early morning ambient/soundscape music session at Sound Records paired with local coffee wizards Noni’s Coffee Roasters plus fresh pastries from Salt Bakehouse. Live music, records, tea, coffee, pastries - a great way to kickstart each day at Hidden Notes Festival…Phonsonic (Alexander Caminada) derives his inspiration from the world around him and the precarious coexistence of humanity and nature. His music is created using acoustic instruments, synthesisers and soundscapes made from field recordings and found sounds. He combines elements of ambient drifts with highly textural and percussive roots. His improvised live performances often expand on his productions, creating further layers of experimentation and exploration. Doors 10am/Performance time: 10:30-11:30am Free

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